How to Treating stress and anxiety with plants?

Stress is a disease affecting a large majority of people because of everyday problems. Fortunately, there are plants that can overcome stress and anxiety. The plants have a strong natural therapeutic power. Discover plants that help to overcome stress and anxiety.

How to Treating stress and anxiety with plants?

Use hawthorn, your ally

Hawthorn is a plant dedicated to anxious and stressed people. In fact, people affected by an anxiolytic condition find it difficult to fall asleep. The relaxing virtues of hawthorn help to calm nocturnal anxieties. Hawthorn is composed of anthocyanins and phenolic acids. Knowing that these two elements can easily reach the state of sleepiness at night. Hawthorn can be consumed in capsule or infusion. You can find the capsules at pharmacies. The prescribed dose is 300 mg. It is to be taken in the evening during sleep disorders. For the brew, you should prepare 1 tablespoon of petals in a cup of boiling water. After infusing for 15 minutes, you should consume three cups a day. The treatment should not exceed 3 to 4 weeks.

Trust lavender

Lavender is recommended for anxiety states. She is a powerful sedative that acts on the nervous system. You can also opt for lavender essential oil to relieve stress and nervous tension. The essential oil is used externally. Just put 2 drops of lavender essential oil on the lapel of the pillow case. You can also use lavender oil for a gentle little massage on the shoulders. Indeed, the massages allow to relax the arterial tension accumulated during the day. In infusion, lavender should be taken 3 to 4 cups a day. You can diffuse the solution in the air.

Discover ginseng

Ginseng is an effective Chinese herbal remedy for various disorders. He is an ideal ally for overcoming stress and anxiety. In addition, the plant can boost the defense of the body's immune system. Ginseng is also effective against anxiety and insomnia. Indeed, it regulates the production of cortisol. Knowing that stress is the consequence of excessive production of the steroid hormone. The plant is consumed in the form of capsules or infusion. You should take 500 mg daily in the morning during breakfast. Treatment should be followed for 3 weeks. However, capsules can not be taken beyond 6 consecutive weeks. In infusion, it is consumed in the morning and in the evening before going to bed.

Think of Valerian

Valerian is used in case of nervous tension. It is also used to fight against moderate depression and sleep problems (it can be associated with burdock). The plant acts on receptors on the surface of neurons. Valerian capsules are available in 300 mg. You should take the capsule at night or during times of trouble. However, taking the drug should not exceed 1 month. To make an infusion, you should have 3 g of valerian roots. These must be poured into 200 ml of water for one cup. Then you should let infuse ten minutes before consuming.

Hemp, used for millennia

The CBD has largely hit the headlines in recent months, through the opening throughout France of legal hemp stores. As a reminder, CBD is, along with THC, the 2 major active ingredients of hemp. Although THC is banned, CBD has many medical advantages. It is the basis of all widely used treatments now in some countries like the United States. The effects of CBD are many: anti-inflammatory, soothing, anti-pain, including 3 effects of the effects put forward by patients. Even if it remains difficult, the delivery of CBD is now possible in France. One more weapon to actively fight stress and anxiety.

In conclusion, plants seem effective in fighting stress and anxiety. However, it remains difficult to accurately predict the doses to be taken for each patient.
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