3 tips for using your Marketplace health insurance

3 tips for using your Marketplace health insurance

Now that you have Marketplace health insurance, here are 3 tips for getting the most 
out of your health coverage:

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Understand your deductible

  • A deductible is the amount you have to spend for covered health services before your insurance company starts to pay. So, if your deductible is $1,000, your plan won’t pay for most services until you’ve spent $1,000 out-of-pocket for covered health care services that apply towards your deductible.
  • It’s important to know which services in your plan don’t count towards your deductible. Some plans cover primary care visits before you meet your deductible–you just pay a copayment. Other plans offer discounts on drugs, including generic drugs.
  • Read your plan materials carefully to see what’s covered before you meet your deductible.

Find an “in-network” doctor you trust

  • Even if you don’t need care right now, it’s important to find a doctor you can trust who’s in your plan’s network. Contact your insurance company to find out which providers are “in-network.”
  • If a provider is “out-of-network,” it usually costs you more.
  • Networks can change, so check with your provider each time you make an appointment.

Take advantage of free preventive health services

  • All Marketplace plans cover recommended preventive health care at no cost when delivered by an in-network provider. This includes immunizations for children and adults, annual well visits for women, obesity screening, and counseling for people of all ages.

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Awesome post you have here! A very helpful one. We should be very careful when selecting health care plans. Anyway, Thanks for sharing!